Since its formation in 2001, Bangladesh Label Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BLMEA) is the recognized trade body that represents most of the major export oriented manufacturers and exporters of woven & printed Branding Label in Bangladesh.


BLMEA has been established with the aim and objective of uniting all the branding label manufacturers & exporters by encouraging cooperation amongst the members and provide them a platform to have local and International exposure, creating awareness amongst  International buyers and making representations to the government and concerned public bodies on behalf of the members for resolving their regulatory problems as well.


Bangladesh Label Manufacturers and Exporters Associations (BLMEA) is established to execute the following purposes::

  • To promote and protect the interest of woven/printed label industries, exporters of those and allied industry all over Bangladesh
  • To unite and encourage cooperation between the industries, companies, firms and engaged in the manufacture and export of labels and allied products.
  • To promote right understanding and unanimity among its members in particular the businessmen and industries in Bangladesh in general in all subject involving their common good and to safeguard their interest generally.
  • To consider all questions, deal with all aspects and matters concerning the garments, accessories and allied industries and devise ways and means to overcome any difficulties of problems arising in connection therewith.
  • To make representation to the government, public bodies and authorities on behalf of its members for removing their grievances and meeting their legitimate demands and securing beneficial facilities for woven/printed label industries.
  • To discuss, promote or oppose as the case may be, legislative or other measures connected with or having a bearing on the woven/printed label and to consider, originate and support improvement in industrial and commercial laws.
  • To establish and promote contacts in foreign countries and help developing trade relations with them in order to develop the woven/printed labels, industries exports of those.
  • To subscribe and become member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry or to any other organization of Trade and Industry in Bangladesh or abroad as may be conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Association.
  • To acts as representatives, advisers, arbitrators, delegates and agents of manufacturers and exporters of woven/printed label and allied industries in all such matters pertaining thereto as may from time to time arise and in particular, to adjust controversies among the members of the association and to act as arbitrators in the settlement of disputes between such members/or their employees who agree or are willing to abide by the judgment and decision of the Association.
  • To help import materials, goods and other requirements of the members of the Association and to afford all possible facilities to them in the procurement of such materials and other requirements as may be necessary for the establishment, growth and development of the woven/printed label industries.
  • To take all possible measures for boosting, promoting and diversifying the woven/printed label industries.
  • To render expert advice on the method of manufacturing woven/printed labels.