Recommendation and Certification

BLMEA is dedicated to provide necessary support to its members in manufacturing and exporting all sorts of branding label for Garments Industry. At the same time, Association provide optimum cooperation to its members to import capital machinery, raw materials and other accessories for the establishment, growth and development of the branding label industries.


The Association issues the following recommendation letter/certification in favour of its members;

Membership Certificate for new member

Membership Renewal for existing member

Certification for Capital Machinery Release

Recommendation letter for the purpose of ;

  1. Bond License issue & renewal
  2. Undertaking/Indemnity release
  3. Changes ownership and location of Bonded warehouse
  4. Completion Annual Audit activities of Bond license
  5. Addition and modification of H.S Code, new equipment/raw materials to the Bond License
  6. Extension of the Bonding validity of Imported items
  7. Rebate on imported Fire equipment and to release of FOC items
  8. Coefficient issue, renewal and inclusion items

Knowledge Share

BLMEA is dedicated to helping its members succeed in the woven and printed label manufacturing industry. Knowledge sharing through open and authentic networking is our core strength. The association unites industry executives to share, discover and advice in areas that impact our collective success.

Building Network

BLMEA is a member powered association. Together we address the industry’s most relevant concerns such as workforce development, government’s regulations and sustainability that can only be solved through our collaborative efforts. We focus on communicating our industry’s technical development   production benchmarking and to share marketing intelligence with the members.

Space for speak

BLMEA hears the voiced of Association members attentively. this is the place where the Association members can convey their challenges in written or verbally which are facing in constantly in case of manufacturing and exporting process. BLMEA always ready to protect its member’s interest as well as welcomed member’s valued opinion and suggestion for upgradation of Association’s activities to meet the demands of its distinguished members.

Business Get Together

BLMEA arrange meeting and seminar for members and are invited them to share their wide business experienced in order to develop this label sector sustainably. This Association is only for its members and over the years, they are working together for the development and success of it as well as to achieve Association’s objectives. Apart from this, Association provide the following privileges to its members:

  • Access to Online Member’s Directory
  • Invitations to BLMEA Business Events and Seminars
  • Company Logo featured in BLMEA website
  • Company Logo featured in BLMEA all publications
  • Company Logo Featured on BLMEA Business events

Represents for Negotiation

To promote and protect the interest of woven/printed label industries, in favour of members, Association represents to the government, public bodies and authorities for removing the grievances to meeting the legitimate demands of members as well as to discuss, promote or oppose which is legislative or other measures connected with the woven/printed labels industries and exports.

In addition, acts as representatives, advisers, arbitrators, delegates and agents of manufacturers and exporters of woven/printed label or its allied industries in all such matters pertaining to adjust controversies among the members of Association.