It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to visit our official website being the President of Bangladesh Label Manufacturer & Exporters Association (BLMEA).

The dynamic and fervent enthusiasm that the previous committee has shown sets the standards high for my duties to be carried out. I, therefore, welcome potential investors, and all our current members for any assistance and services from BLMEA. To maintain our competitive advantage, we still need to emphasize on environmental issues, efficiency, and technical know-how, proper mid-level management and develop negotiation skills. I believe, with the continuous support from the owners, workers, government, nongovernment bodies and all other stakeholders, we will be able to reach our objective. The BLMEA website is designed to provide information on our association and its members.

In early 1980’s essential items of RMG sector like; carton, label, button and polybag would be imported from abroad which involved huge amount of foreign exchange, but now all this are meeting locally manufactured without compromising quality standard. To overcome problematic matter in manufacturing, import, export items and bond related issues such as; Import entitlement & constantly pursuing quick disposal for issuance of Utilization Permission (UP) etc., on behalf of our Association. In order to make the improvement sustainable and pertinent, we are working with our development partners to institutionalize standards in the areas of compliance and environment.

We have successfully vented in a sense of awareness regarding the urgency of compliance among our entrepreneurs.

This site provides marketing platform for the members of BLMEA to display their latest products & latest collection to the RMG exporters, other related exporters and buyer who will be visiting us. similarly, it also acts as a platform for sourcing of machinery and raw materials. Finally, I seek cooperation and support from all the members towards the progress of the association.

Last but not least, we hope that with the industry’s inherent strengths of skilled manpower, innovative technology, increasing industry compliance to international environmental standards, and dedicated support of the associated industries, the Bangladesh Label sector will be able to encompass to the production and thereby export will be resulted in creating additional employment opportunities and hence contribute more to the economic growth of our nation.


Ahsan Shahed Khan